LITFEST 2015 MAY 15, 16, 17

Programme 2015

Wine & Drink Event

Gin- The Garden Spirit with Master Gin Distiller Desmond Payne

GIN - THE GARDEN SPIRIT with Master Gin Distiller Desmond Payne (talk & tasting)

Desmond Payne, the world’s most experienced Master Gin Distiller will give a talk and tasting on Gin, focusing on the botanicals used in Gin.

Wine- The Beauty of Blending with John Wilson

WINE – THE BEAUTY OF BLENDING with John Wilson and Tomás Clancy (talk & tasting)

Single varietal wines have been fashionable for years. Many traditional wine-producing regions reluctantly add the grape variety to their labels. Now some markets are beginning to demand wines made from several grapes. Are blended wines on the way back in? A panel of wine writers will give a presentation and tasting on ‘Wine – The Beauty of Blending’

A Rhone Romance with Mary Dowey

A RHONE ROMANCE with Mary Dowey (talk & tasting)

Over a glass of wine, Mary Dowey lays bare her long-term love affair with Provence and the Southern Rhône

Is Wine Lit Dead with Alice Feiring

IS WINE LIT DEAD - panel discussion with Alice Feiring, Tomás Clancy, Raymond Blake and Leslie Williams

A broad ranging talk on wine writing today. Join Alice Feiring and a panel of wine writers for this talk.

The Literature of Burgundy with Raymond Blake

THE LITERATURE OF BURGUNDY with Raymond Blake (talk & tasting)

A look at the wine writings on one of the best known wine regions, Burgundy. Join Raymond Blake, Author of ‘Breakfast in Burgundy, about his experiences of living in Burgundy. Raymond Blake, wine editor of Food & Wine Magazine, will give a talk on the region with reference to the various wine writers and wine related literature of Burgundy over the years. This will be an informal and educational event conducted in a relaxed style. There will also be some delicious wines from Burgundy to taste.

Beer - Garrett Oliver talks & tastes real beer

BEER - Garrett Oliver talks & tastes real beer (talk & tasting)

Join one of the top brewmasters and beer writers of the world, Garrett Oliver, who will give a talk and tasting on beer. Garrett will personally select some special beers for this tasting.

Rum with Dave Broom and Nick Strangeway

RUM with Dave Broom and Nick Strangeway (talk & tasting)

Dave Broom and Nick Strangeway will be looking at the forgotten history of rum and Ireland: from Irish-born pirates like Anne Bonny to the fathoming of punch bowls in the 18th century, rum smuggling, the drink's decline and recent revival that has made rum one of the hottest drink categories of the moment.
Dave and Nick will lead a tasting of a selection of rum styles - and drink deeply of creations from the masterly hand of Nick Strangeway!

The Dangers of Natural Wine- They Could Change Your Life with Alice Feiring

THE DANGERS OF NATURAL WINE – THEY COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ with Alice Feiring (talk and tasting)

Join one of the worlds best known wine writers on Natural wine, Alice Feiring, for a broad ranging talk and tasting on Natural wine.

Forgotten Skills- Cooperage with Ger Buckley

FORGOTTEN SKILLS - COOPERAGE with 5th Generation Master Cooper, Ger Buckley (demonstration)
A demonstration by Ger Buckley, Master Cooper at the local Midleton Distillery. The ancient craft and skill, dating back thousands of years will be expertly demonstrated by Ger, with barrels and the ancient tools still in use today.

Is Wine Going Out of Fashion with John Wilson

IS WINE GOING OUT OF FASHION - panel discussion with John Wilson, Garrett Oliver, Dave Broom, Desmond Payne and Nick Strangeway

For years wine was seen as the fashionable sophisticated drink. Now spirits, cocktails and beer, once seen as passé, have become viable alternatives both as an aperitif and with food. Is wine becoming something that your parents drank?

Join John Wilson and a panel of wine & drinks experts for what promises to be a lively discussion!


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